Sol-de-muerte formed in 2010, inspired by the music of bands such as Dead Can Dance,
Fovea Hex and Coil. Their music combines folk inflected vocals with traditional
instruments and electronics to create music ranging from haunting ballads, which
focus on the darker side of love and loss, through to vaporous vocal drones and
onto beat-driven ragas

Sol-de-muerte: The Great Destroyer

Their first release “The Great Destroyer” was released in 2012 by prods in the dark. It features 3 tracks: “The Great Destroyer” – a dark ballad about an unforgiving goddess who will bring about the destruction of the earth. “Fine Lines – part 2” – a vocal drone version of a song which will is available on their début album. “Sentinel (Instrumental)” – an early instrumental version of the song.

There is a shadow 700

At the end of 2012 the track Sentinel was included on the Coldspring Dark Britannica compilation “Hail be you sovereigns, lief and dear”.

Their début full length “There’s a shadow” was released via prods in the dark on the 1st September 2013 as both a download and a CD. The albums includes a version of the traditional folk song “Died for Love”, and a new arrangement of “Sentinel”



The core of the band is made up of Becky Sharp (Vocals, Guitar, Flute), Graham Coulson
(Guitar, Vocals), cjmann (Keyboards, Electronics, Percussion). With backgrounds ranging from folk through to industrial, and guitar based rock their music uses a broad palette while retaining a quiet intimacy

Sol-de-muerte have recently started performing live, and will be appearing regularly over the forthcoming months. Their live show includes the use of film to compliment the mood of the songs. Samples of these can be found on the  prods in the dark youtube channel

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