One Last Look At The Sun now available

We’re please to announce the release today of “One Last Look At The Sun”, available via our bandcamp page.  Its been a long time in the making but we are very pleased with the results.

One Last Look At The Sun” is a traditional – and not so traditional – folk odyssey. Comprising of four self-penned tracks, plus a version of the traditional English folk song, Lyke Wake. Essentially acoustic, the tracks mix guitar, flute, melodica, percussion and the mesmeric drone of the harmonium to provide an aptly dark motif.

Available previously as live recordings featured on the 2015 live album (Live 28-02-2015) the new studio versions add an extra depth and a layer of strangeness to the songs.

Telling tales of revenge, injustice, death, sacrifice and depression, Becky and Jane’s vocals passionately express unresolved suffering, and a lust for revenge. To compliment this, the soundscapes mirror the changing moods; in particular the final track, How High, evokes the void of depression with its unusual spacey feel. The crazy flute and melodica duet unsettles on the vengeful Besmirch My Name, and the mini-harp and violin on The Maid of all Work recalls a pastoral scene that hides dark dealings. The song Fine Lines has been reworked from its electronic origins on “There is a Shadow” into a hypnotic raga with a soaring chant to accompany a arcane ritual. Finally the traditional Lyke Wake, a song about watching over the dead invokes an appropriately somber atmosphere.

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